The Indoors

Rustic craftmanship & luxury

A unique style

Modern couch sitting over hundred-years walls, and glass sinks juxtaposed to rocks and hand refined wood… Paintings inspired by a dance of earth, air, fire and water… Traditional Apulian furniture and old agricultural tools creatively upcycled… All these are but a few of the countless details that bring warmth, rustic luxury and authenticity to the Trulli of Stars. A unique mixture of ancient and new, comfort, practicality and aesthetic.

The Dining room

Airy and full of light, the dining room is the crossway between the main entrance of the trullo, the three double bedrooms and the archway to the kitchen. It is ideal for a quick healthy breakfast, or to dine all together. With an oval cherry hardwood English table seating 8, vintage bulbs, and original Colonial style furniture filled with local ceramic dishes, silver cutlery and crystal flutes.

The Kitchen: tradition and taste

Opening through original archways of ancient living stones, the fully equipped kitchen is nestled in a cozy trulli cone, with all the stone work carefully preserved and exposed. It hosts working surfaces tailor made out of durmast oak, stove and oven, a large refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, Toast&Grill, stovetop espresso maker and boiler… Everything is ready to make the best out of the countless fresh local products, and to bring delicious gastronomic specialties alive!

Features of the Kitchen:

  • Large Fridge
  • 5 fireplaces
  • dishwasher
  • Laundry machine
  • toaster grill
  • coffee machine
  • Oven
  • American coffee machine
  • silver cutlery

The Living Room

The living room and veranda with heated pool become a unique vast open space of 80 square metres allowing for total freedom, privacy and relax! Ideal to connect, share, chill, and relax. A snug sink-in sofa; luscious velvet and silk drapes; a 43″ Smart TV with access to NETFLIX; a wardrobe; a private bathroom with shower, an arched window overlooking the peaceful and magnificent countryside; and a cast iron wood stove …make the most out of this bright and spacious interiors – with every weather and in every season.